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Vegan Makeup
I honestly didn’t think it was going to be too hard to find 100% vegan/cruelty free makeup, but oh my gosh it is. The bright side is that it exists and that I am now incredibly excited.
I’ll list the brands that I adore so you can shop their entire site while also listing the specific makeup I am using.

Zuzu Luxe ( - I have been searching for a vegan, brown, liquid eyeliner for a very long time. So I bought theirs in Tuareg. I tried Urban Decay’s, but ultimately was not a fan. So I’m really excited to use this one! Their site also states that all of their products are vegan and gluten free so that’s also very exciting.

100% Pure ( - okay so this brand is amazing, their makeup is fruit pigmented. Like if you look at the list of ingredients, it’s a bunch of of fruit so the makeup actually smells fruity and everything. I bought their Fruit Pigmented Powder Blush in Pretty Naked which is like a Pink Nude color.

Fyrinnae ( - Their site states that they “never test on animals (that would be silly. They don’t wear makeup), and there are no animal parts, such as carmine, silk, pearl, lanolin, beeswax, and tallow in our products” which I love. People kept raving about their eyelid primer (Pixie Epoxy) and I had to try it.

Eco Tools ( - I learned that one of my makeup brushes was made of squirrel hair (like seriously? wtf?) and that another one was made of pony hair. So I knew those needed to change…quick. I have one of Eco Tools brushes (Retractable Kabuki Brush) already and loveeee it. So I ordered their Full Eye Shadow Brush as well. I also adore all of these companies’ mission statements/about us pages. Theirs states that their brushes are “100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules.”

e.l.f. ( - They, and I quote, “do NOT test on animals or endorse such practices. Our products do not contain animal derived ingredients. Beeswax has been replaced by synthetic beeswax and lanolin has been by Bis-Digylceryl Polyacyladinpale-2. We currently support HSUS and are partners with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project.” Their products are incredibly cheap but that does not at all mean that the products themselves are cheaply made. I’ve used their stuff for years and love all of it. I did just order their “Mineral Eyeshadow Primer” as well as one of their makeup brushes (Studio Small Angled Brush.) UPDATE: I just bought their Glossy Gloss Lip Gloss, SPF 15 Conditioning Lip Balm, makeup setting spray, and one of their makeup bags. I HIGHLY recommend this company to vegans and non vegans.

These brands aren’t 100% vegan but they are cruelty free and have some vegan products:

Bare Escentuals ( - do not be fooled like I was and buy their products, assuming they’re vegan. My READY blush, Close Call, has Carmine in it, which was incredibly saddening to me. BUT! I still use their Mineral Veil and Celestine Eye Shadow, knowing that they are vegan-friendly. All in all, I love their products, just read the ingredients list.

Urban Decay ( - when you go to their site, there’s a bar at the top and the first option is What’s New and under there is a Vegan option. After clicking that, you can see what of their products actually are vegan. I gave a sigh of relief when I saw that my Naked Skin “Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup” was under that list. (My shade is 2.0) It goes on so smoothly and feels so light, I sometimes forget I’m wearing it. But don’t let that fool you! It covers the redness and blemishes perfectly and evens out my skintone like no other.

5/12/14: This post requires some much-needed updating. I will address this within the next week.

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